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For Eyelashes
In stock
Canalash: Eyelash Growth Serum with Hemp Oil 3ml
49.95 €
69.95 €
For Eyelashes
In stock
Advanced Lash: Classic Eyelash and Brow Growth Serum 3ml
59.95 €
For Eyelashes
In stock
Canalash: Eyelash Growth Serum with Hemp Oil 1.5ml
34.95 €


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Sophia (Canalash Serum)

I am really satisfied) After my second childbirth I started losing and hair, and eyelashes( Even if i could solve my hair loss with vitamins, my eyelashes stopped growing at all, and even the hair that left were located very poorly and tangled( I tried different remedies, but on half of them I had aggressive allergic reaction, and another half was working really bad and I had to use it multiple times per day to see any difference ( This product is actually helping me. I could see the results really fast and effect was holding up for a long time, when i stopped using product. Now i just use it 2-3 times per week. Eyelashes are long and healthy)


I am so thankful for Canalash. I had a terrible incident with eyelash extensions - master burned my upper eyelid, left scars and eyelashes stopped growing in these places. The eyes looked like I had leprosy. I had a terrible depression and I tried all the folk remedies.

My mom found Canalash and gave it to me for Christmas. It's only been 2 weeks and I can see a huge difference. Eyelashes grow by leaps and bounds, they are sooo soft and dense. Sometimes I even forget to use mascara - eyes are better than dolls have) If I would have known before - I would never ever have gone to make an eyelash extensions.


My friend Kamila never had “luxurious” eyelashes, but I saw her pictures on Insta – and daaaamn, they were HUGE. She told me to buy this serum, I even remember how suspicious I was about it having so many ingredients – I thought I will have an allergy! But nope, all was great!

The feeling of applying is super nice, it was not annoying at all. She told me to wait at least a couple of weeks to see the results – let me tell you, it was not even a couple of weeks! My eyelashes have never been that thick and black! I could slay without my fav fake ones. As soon as I am out of this pack – for sure will take another one. Thanks!!!

The most effective remedy for eyelash growth: does it exist?

Long, thick, fluffy eyelashes! Yes, and they are your own, natural! Almost every woman dreams of such a delightful eyelash look, because beautiful eyelashes make them look more expressive, mysterious, more attractive. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a natural beauty, over the years the eyelashes become weaker and brittle - but you want to be beautiful at any age! How to find the most effective remedy for eyelash growth? And does it even exist? Let's see what can be done to strengthen and accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

By the…

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