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Shipping Policy

The delivery time and cost will be calculated at the time of placing the order depending on the destination and country selected and once the delivery method has been chosen:

-       Standard shipping: Possible to any destination within the list of permitted destinations. No shipping cost.

-       24/48 hour delivery: Deliveries in Spain, except for non-working days and holidays. If you select this type of delivery, you will have to pay the corresponding shipping cost.

-       Shipments outside Spain/International: Possible to any destination within the list of permitted destinations. The transport company in charge of these shipments/deliveries will be UPS. If you select this type of shipment, you will have to pay the corresponding shipping cost, based on the rates of the transport company UPS.


Orders will be delivered within the established period, except for non-working days, holidays and cases of “Beyond one’s control”.

“Beyond one’s control” means to the effects of the present conditions the existence of any contingency, circumstance or cause that is beyond vendor’s, provider’s or driver’s control, included, but not limited the following circumstances: imposition or submission to a law, regulation, decree, order or request of any authority (national, state, autonomy, province or town) confiscation, riot, war, fires, floods, earthquakes, storms, explosions, strikes, closures, machinery or factory shutdown, inability to obtain raw materials, equipment, diesel or transport.

Once the payment is received an email will be sent to the email address given by the client including the tracking number for its online tracking. For orders received on friday, saturday or sunday the tracking number will be sent the following working day.

Once the order has been placed, the items ordered will be collected, packed and sent to the address provided in the order, notifying the customer by e-mail that his order has been processed and specifying the details of the transport company responsible for delivering the order.

BRAVO EVENTOS SL reserves the right to select the transport company it considers appropriate in order to provide the best delivery service depending on the country of destination.

By placing the order the client gives his express consent to BRAVO EVENTOS SL to provide their personal data specified in the order to the transport company involved and responsible for the delivery of the order.

In case the delivery period could not be matched, BRAVO EVENTOS SL undertakes to notify the recipients as soon as possible, informing the reason for the delay by proposing alternative solutions.

BRAVO EVENTOS SL, does not accept responsibility for delays caused by Customs services of the countries receiving or moving the goods.

The delivery periods can be extended in exceptional cases, like in case of lacking a material, high demand of orders, or delays caused by public holidays either local or national.