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The most effective remedy for eyelash growth: does it exist?

Long, thick, fluffy eyelashes! Yes, and they are your own, natural! Almost every woman dreams of such a delightful eyelash look, because beautiful eyelashes make them look more expressive, mysterious, more attractive. Unfortunately, not everyone has such a natural beauty, over the years the eyelashes become weaker and brittle - but you want to be beautiful at any age! How to find the most effective remedy for eyelash growth? And does it even exist? Let's see what can be done to strengthen and accelerate the growth of eyelashes.

By the way, do not forget about what, in fact, eyelashes exist for. Their main function is to protect the eyes from various contaminants - dust, sand and other small particles - as well as from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, the care of eyelashes, their length, health and density is not only a tribute to beauty, but, of course, care for the health of the eyes!

So, let's talk about different products for eyelash growth and their effectiveness. All existing ways to make eyelashes longer and thicker can be roughly divided into the so-called "folk" and professional.

Folk remedies for strengthening and growing eyelashes

Various vegetable oils and infusions that have been tested by more than one generation of women can be attributed to folk or home methods for caring for eyelashes.

-Castor oil is confidently leading in this rating! It prevents breakage and heals split ends. Strengthens the hair structure from the bulb and along the entire length of the hairs. Moisturizes, nourishes eyelashes and normalizes the oil glands. Makes them smooth and shiny. Accelerates the growth of eyelashes, at least to some extent. No one disputes that castor oil is very beneficial for hair and, in particular, for eyelashes and eyebrows. But you can’t rely or wait for a quick effect, especially if you need to get long eyelashes as soon as possible. In addition, in its pure form, it is often the cause of allergic reactions or irritation of the sensitive skin of the eyelids: it must be applied very carefully so that the oil does not get on the mucous membrane of the eye.

-Burdock oil is no less popular as a use for the growth of eyelashes than castor oil. It is made from burdock roots, which are rich in mineral salts; vitamins A, B and C; palmitic and stearic acids (like castor oil); as well as inulin, a plant polysaccharide that perfectly moisturizes the hair, smoothes the stem of the eyelashes, and makes them shiny. As a result, eyelashes and eyebrows become healthier, stronger and slowly begin to grow. However, as in the case of castor oil, this process is very lengthy and you need to put a lot of effort and patience to see the real effect. Burdock oil has another not very pleasant moment: it is not easily washed off and after using it, decorative cosmetics does not always fit well on the eyelashes.

-Argan oil has recently appeared in our everyday life, as it is obtained from the seeds of argan, a tree that grows only in the south of Morocco. But now it is included in many creams, serums and other cosmetics, as it is very rich in tocopherols, carotene and unsaturated fatty acids. Thanks to this, argan oil perfectly moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens eyelashes and eyelid skin. In addition, it contains many vitamins that have a positive effect on the hair structure and make them thicker. By itself, argan oil does not affect the growth of eyelashes, but it perfectly heals, strengthens and makes them fluffy and beautiful.

In the national bank of folk recipes, many more oils are considered effective for the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows: olive oil, which nourishes weak hairs; almond, which contains a large amount of vitamin E, which promotes the growth of eyelashes; peach; sea buckthorn, which is just a storehouse of vitamins and nutrients... All these products are very good for everyday care of eyelashes, but it is difficult to call them fast-acting and super effective for eyelash growth: you will definitely not see any changes in a couple of weeks.

And, of course, before using, do not forget to check whether this or that oil is right for you, whether it causes allergies. To check - apply a small amount of the chosen product on a small area of skin - at the bend of the elbow, for example. Wait an hour. If there is no redness, irritation or itching on the skin, this means that everything is in order and you can safely proceed to the procedures.

What if you need long and beautiful eyelashes urgently?

Perhaps you have a wedding soon and want to be the most beautiful bride in the world! And after the wedding - you and your husband will go on a fabulous honeymoon trip and your eyelashes must be natural, such that they are not afraid of sea water or the burning sun; which will not need to be glued in secret from your husband and which waving, of course, will drive him crazy! Or maybe you need to quickly grow eyelashes for a photo shoot that you ordered a long time ago and want to look natural and lively in the photos, and not like a doll with bushy eyelashes... There are many reasons for wanting to quickly achieve thick and long eyelashes, including just the desire to refuse from endless extensions or from daily makeup, especially since naturalness and natural beauty are in fashion now!

But now we will not go into details about methods such as extension or false eyelashes. This, of course, is the fastest method, but by no means the best, since your own eyelashes will have to be treated for a long time after such procedures... Extended eyelashes last no more than 2-3 weeks, and then they need to be removed or corrected, in addition, they require special care and even special behavior: you cannot rub your eyes; you will have to learn to sleep on your back, since in any other position, the extended eyelashes get tangled and break; splashing in the pool will also not work, so that chlorinated water does not damage artificial eyelashes, etc.

Isn't it better to spend a couple of weeks on such eyelash care that will provide you with natural beauty for a long time, and not a temporary solution for a lot of money! Yes, for a lot of money: the extension itself costs at least 50-100 euros, and each correction will cost a decent amount.

What remedies are currently available to make eyelashes grow quickly, be healthy and thick? Are they safe and what are they?

Женщина с ресницами

Professional products for eyelash growth

In recent years, many professional products have appeared on the market - serums, gels, conditioners - that will not only help your eyelashes become thicker and longer, but will also take good care of them. The main thing is to find the right product that start the active phase of eyelash growth and extend their life cycle; safe for the eyes; nourishing and stimulating blood circulation. It is very good if such remedies are stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows and they are based on natural substances, but if they do not contain prostaglandin or its synthetic analogues, then the result will not be in 2-3 weeks, but much later - this must be taken into account.

What remedies can we recommend, how do they differ from one another and how quickly can we expect the effect?

  • Serum for the growth of eyelashes Canalash. This is perhaps the most effective serum for the rapid growth of eyelashes and eyebrows today. In its own way, it is unique: as a result of its use, the length and density of your eyelashes will increase by 50% already after 3 weeks! The natural ingredients in Canalash serum prolong the hair growth phase; do not cause irritation; nourish, strengthen and care for eyelashes. All natural components of Canalash eyelash growth serum (ginseng extract, red clover flavonoids, hemp oil, etc.) along with other ingredients, including arginine, an amino acid that stimulates the release of growth hormone, and an artificial prostaglandin substitute, practically will work like a miracle on your eyes! 15-20 days and you will see how unusually long and luxurious your eyelashes become.

A big plus of this product is that for all its speed, it is completely safe for the eyes and has no side effects and contraindications, with the exception of personal intolerance to individual components.

In addition to this miraculous remedy for the growth of eyelashes, we can advise you on some more that may not work as fast as Canalash, but are also very good and effective.

  • Serum for eyelashes Advanced Lash. This product for activating the growth of eyelashes is very effective - visible results can be expected as early as 4-6 weeks of daily use. Its formula is unique: it was developed by scientists based on natural vitamins, amino acids and minerals contained in plants, and promotes the natural and rapid growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, heals and awakens dormant hair follicles, protects against hair loss. All these components interact with each other to promote the rapid growth of eyelashes and eyebrows, while simultaneously strengthening them, taking care of their health.
  • Serum for growth of eyelashes NutraLash EyeLash Formula. The natural ingredients of NutraLash EyeLash serum quickly and effectively activate cell metabolism, which makes eyelashes not only grow faster, but also makes them thicker and shinier. With daily use for 4-6 weeks, your lashes will become significantly longer, thicker, healthier and suppler.
  • Means for accelerating the growth of eyelashes NutraLash Eyelash Formula 2.0. The new formula contains more than 10 natural ingredients, including such exotic as Plexaura homomalla, better known as Black Sea Whip or Caribbean Sea Whip (a special type of coral), which contains natural prostaglandins that prolong the phase of active eyelash growth and activate the growth of new hairs...

Another positive and often observed effect is the darkening of the eyelashes - their color becomes richer, which allows you not to use daily dyeing mascara and not to resort to permanent dyeing of eyelashes in the salon.

And a couple more tips. In order for your eyelashes to be healthy and grow well, do not forget about a healthy diet; as well as proper eyelash care - remove eye makeup daily, try not to use waterproof mascara on a regular basis, avoid low-quality cosmetics, etc. You can also resort to daily care products that are easy to use and effective, such as cream for eyelash NutraLash Volume Lash Cream.

In any case, do not forget that you need to take care of your eyelashes daily if you want them to be long, beautiful and thick. If you need to accelerate the growth of eyelashes, look for a suitable serum and the result will not make you wait. Well, if you are a supporter of folk remedies, then they are good, but only as a supportive agent, and not actively stimulating the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.